Our Mission & Vision

At Kalamunda Estate Agency, we are constantly endeavouring to turn traditional real estate methods upside down, because we have strong desires to improve the way in which the real estate industry operates.  We challenge this mainstream attitude to allow our properties to stand out from the crowd along with reaching an all-new level of customer service.

We are actively seeking to provide our customers with the best people in the industry.  Kalamunda Estate Agency places a strong emphasis on the training and development of all employees. Providing a level of service second to none is our highest priority and we do this by providing our staff with the resources, training and professional development to be able to not only meet our client’s needs but exceed them.

Linda Skinner has long been recognized for her talent in real estate. Linda began her real estate career in 1991 and has since held positions for the past 23 years with the same company.

Now wishing to provide a future for herself, she saw an opportunity and is relishing the change to bring 25 years of real estate experience to pull and lead the Kalamunda Estate Agency team.

Success doesn’t just happen. Success comes from a lot of hard work, dedication, and an innate desire to deliver only the very best results. These are the traits that have propelled Linda to achieve only the finest results in every challenge she undertakes.

- - Kalamunda Estate Agency

Some may say that one’s passions are innate. If this is the case, a career in Real Estate was a forgone conclusion for Linda Skinner, and when you see the results of her career that now spans some 25 years, it’s obvious that Real Estate runs thick through her veins.  For Linda, it was a keen interest in property that was the driving force behind her long and successful career in property management as Department Head, Business Operations Manager and all real estate facets.

Linda attributes her personal success to her policy of treating Sellers, Buyers, Owners and tenants the only way she knows how – the same way she herself would like to be treated. It is with this dedication to quality that has Linda to be highly acclaimed in the Industry.   Focusing on the financial needs of landlords such as end of month accounts and statements Linda quickly became wanted by landlords to manage all aspects of their properties due to her approachable nature and “can-do” attitude.



Principal / Licensee